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This Massive Expo Features One-Of-A Kind Dishes, Fresh Produce & More From All 13 States


The Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture, and Agro-tourism Expo (MAHA) is back, and you definitely don’t wanna miss out on this year’s edition!

Introduced in 1923, this bi-annual expo has grown to become part of the national landscape that showcases Malaysia’s progress and achievements.

Featuring a theme of ‘Food Security for the Future’, MAHA 2022 is set to be an exciting experience for everyone, with all kinds of attractions to look forward to, including yummy Malaysian food, interesting exhibitions, fun booths, exclusive sales, and more!

Taking the current COVID-19 situation into consideration, MAHA 2022 will be held in a hybrid way, combining both physical and virtual activities

This way, everyone can join the event, whether it’s by attending in person or from the comfort of home.

In addition to the physical fair, MAHA 2022 will also have a virtual exhibition via an online platform that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses in the agriculture and food industry.

Just like at the physical exhibition, the virtual one is also capable of handling business transactions for both domestic and foreign markets. Various activities such as discussion sessions, business matches, webinars, video conferences, and product promotion exhibitions will also be held online.

And of course, strict SOPs will be implemented at the physical expo.

A cool highlight at MAHA 2022 are the 13 state pavilions, each of which has a unique design that represents the individual states

The state pavilions are expected to feature the characteristics of the states in Malaysia that can be enjoyed by visitors, including products, food, culture, and more. Make sure to check all of them out!

Another attraction that is always popular among visitors is the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables, seedlings and flowers, fish, fresh seafood, and shellfish.

Featuring 99 lots and the participation of 82 entrepreneurs, the Castle of Fruits site is not to be missed

At Castle of Fruits, you’ll be able to see and take your pick from the 11,111 agricultural products for sale, comprising fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more. This year’s Castle of Fruits is promoting fruits from the artocarpus family as ‘Fruits of Events’, such as jackfruit, cempedak, and breadfruit.

In particular, jackfruit is being introduced as a superfood in Malaysia, and you’ll be able to get various one-of-a-kind jackfruit products. This includes jackfruit tarts made from a recipe dating back to 1916, as well as jackfruit nuggets, chips, and burgers.

When those hunger pangs hit while you’re at MAHA 2022, drop by the Food Empire, Agrotrade and Food Truck Fiesta, where you can feast on popular dishes from all over the country

With the theme ‘Malaysian Family Food’, there are a total of 63 food lots featuring 679 types of food on sale, so you’ll definitely be able to find whatever it is you’re craving for. This is also a great chance to try some local delicacies from other states that you’ve never had before.

The main focus of MAHA 2022 is the Trade Expo and Consumer Fair, which covers the following areas:

  1. Agro Trade
    Involves business activities and business matching, as well as promoting local and international products. It is also a platform to promote products and services from micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs.
  2. Agro Edutainment
    To promote and give awareness about the importance of the agro-food sector in securing the country’s food supply.
  3. Agro Lifestyle
    To showcase the agro family lifestyle as well as value-added activities along the agro-food value chain.
  1. Agro Youth
    To encourage the development of young agricultural entrepreneurs as a guarantee for the future of the country’s agriculture.
  2. Agro Tourism
    Specifically for promoting the agrotourism industry.
  3. Agro Tech
    To showcase the use of the latest technology and machinery in the agricultural sector.
  4. Agro Job Fair
    To promote potential job opportunities available in the agricultural sector.

Themed ‘Your Gateway to International Market’, the Agro Trade cluster will be a one-stop centre for local agro-food entrepreneurs to get advice, consultation, services, and assistance from the government to venture into exporting.

This cluster consists of four main sections:

  • International Trade Services: This section will house five government bodies / financial institutions to provide advisory services, negotiations, or financial assistance to help local SME entrepreneurs venture into the field of exports.
  • Export Ready Boulevard: This section will house 14 local SME companies that have experience exporting their products to the global market.
  • Export Mini Hypermarket: This mini hypermarket aims to showcase both locally produced and imported products marketed through the LuLu Hypermarket network. It is to inspire local entrepreneurs to improve their products in order to be viable on a global scale.
  • Business Centre: The main location for business matching activities and trade linkages between Malaysian agro-food SME entrepreneurs and marketing agents from abroad. In addition, there will also be pocket talks / briefing sessions by government bodies and private companies involved in facilitating the exportation of agro-food products abroad.

Mark your calendars for 4 to 14 August and head over to enjoy MAHA 2022 while it’s still running!

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