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Maha 2022: From e-commerce platforms to GPS trackers, exhibitors showcase their newest products


Exhibitors at Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism (Maha) 2022 expect to achieve their target via the platform in terms of new products.

The exhibitors relayed their enthusiasm to Malay Mail, saying that the first three days of the expo had been fruitful and that they hope it will mean a beneficial and profitable future.

For UU2 business development director Nashriq Yazid, he hopes the lifestyle e-commerce platform will entice agro-industry traders, especially small and medium businesses, to embrace the idea of selling their goods online.

He said this would allow UU2, which is already available on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Huawei AppGallery, to make its mark as a local product helping local sellers to connect with their consumers easily.

“Our target here is to find people to collaborate with us as merchants and vendors.

“UU2 is a Malaysian product. We want to find Malaysians and support buying local,” he told.

Nashriq said it is important for the farmers, agro-traders and even fishermen to reach customers directly without middleman

“We could help agro-entrepreneurs because we have a channel. Apart from reaching customers physically, they will be able to connect with them virtually,” he said.

Similarly, BXC Travellers commercial manager Poh Jiang Hahn is optimistic about its new venture with MardiCorp-Agrex which promotes eco-tourism.

Poh said Agrex, or the Agro-Culture Acceleration Programme, would enable school students to visit farms and agriculture sites to learn and appreciate them.

“The students will see how their rice comes from the paddy field, and how their chicken was raised before arriving on their dinner plates.

“We want them to learn about and appreciate the origins of their food and spur an interest in agriculture,” he told.

Poh added that Agrex will be launched tomorrow by Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

He aims to target 100,000 students locally before expanding into catering for international students in the future.

“We want to see the young generation’s appreciation of agro tourism. After this, we want to expand to overseas students as well,” he said.

Both UU2 and BXC are subsidiaries of Ancom Nylex, which is part of Ancom Berhad.

Meanwhile, Felda Global Ventures Berhad (FGV) also revealed its own Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracker system, which helps big farms to plan their plantations.

FGV researcher Shahrul Azman Bakar told Malay Mail the system, which was developed in Malaysia, is currently used by five Felda plantations in the country and has entered its final phase of research and development.

“We are ready to release this commercially.

“Currently, we are also developing drones to plant and spray crops,” he said, while displaying the wares.

FGV not only caters for the farming industry but is also trying to penetrate the pet market by developing cat food as well as pet litter.

All of their products can be discovered at Hall A — where Maha strategic partners display their products.

Source: Malay Mail